Removing of preservatives such as copolymer wax, removing of protection foils, etc. The industrial effluents are re-cycled by the reclaiming process in closed circuit.

avto koper service auto


Applying of protective layer on the car body, undercoating protection, applying of protection foil

Visual inspection

Completness check and quality inspection of the chassis for possible damage or missing parts according to customer criteria

Identity survey:

  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Option control
  • Automatically generating of working orders

Quality check:

  • Issuing of damage reports
  • Damage recovery

Rust removal:

  • Stain, iron dust and air corrosion removing

konzervacija avtomobilov


External and internal cleaning, removal of various transport protection coverings and stickers, polishing of the car, putting on of various emblems / logos